June 8-9 2023

UPTIME is back! The Private 5G & LTE World Community Conference returns to Villa Griffone for the live in-person and digital appointment of the year that brings together the major players in the sector to understand why Mobile Private Networks are a “must-have“ asset in an economic downturn.

2023 edition: WE ARE COMING!

UPTIME is the global event that every year brings together an audience of Private 5G and LTE professionals in the evocative setting of Villa Griffone, home of Guglielmo Marconi and the cradle of wireless communications!

Connected Workers and Connected Assets - Why Mobile Private Networks are a “must-have“ asset in an economic downturn.

Join us to hear about real use-cases that are driving increased productivity and return on investment

Discover all the news of this year!

5G - the engine that moves a new world

The new connectivity standard, a revolution that rewrites the way of networking, implementing security, performance, resilience and control. Offering enormous advantages in many sectors that contain the real cases that we will discover during the event:


Smart Utilities (windfarms, solarfarms)




Transportation & Logistics (Ports, Airports, Railways)

Governments / Critical Communications


Mining, Oil & Gas

Smart Cities & Communities 

Real projects with Private 5G-SA

One year after the success of the last edition, UPTIME 2023 will resume the thread to take stock of the progress of 5G and deepen its potential in the near future.

What are the use cases, what are the challenges, where are the devices, what is the business case? 

All this and much more will be answered by leading professionals in the sector.

Round table talks with industry specialists

End User Industries, mobile and specialized operators, cloud hyperscalers, 4G and 5G RAN device manufacturers and suppliers: UPTIME 2023 will bring together world specialists and all the main professionals involved in the 5G private network revolution.

2022 presenters included the companies below:

UPTIME is an event organized by Athonet, a worldwide corporate with 15 years of experience in delivering fully supported 4G, and now 5G, Core solutions for business-critical Enterprises and CSPs scaling up their networks. 

UPTIME 2023 agenda

All times are in European time (CET) - Paris/Berlin/Rome


                                                                      Being defined

Some use cases       

                                         Antartica Network Coverage

                                         Smart Cities

                                         Steel plant

                                         Mobile Industrial Robot for logistics purposes

                                         Military base coverage

                                         Campus connectivity

                                                                      Being defined

Some use cases       

                                         Port connectivity solutions

                                         Crane system management

                                         Federation for Emergency services

                                         Wind farm

                                        Private network for sport and music events

                                        Airport digitalization

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